Monday, February 1, 2010

Chicken and Dumplings

For broth:
     Stew one whole chicken in a large pot of water.  Reserve bag of giblets for gravy.  (This assumes that you are making dumplings for a large holiday or family gathering and would need gravy. Anyway, save for another use.)  Season pot with salt and pepper and stew at a strong simmer until meat is falling off the bone.  Strain meat and bones out of broth and pick off meat.  Set aside.

For dumplings:
1 cup rich broth
1 egg
all purpose flour

     Add enough flour the the broth and egg to make a soft dough.  Take care not to work it any more than necessary to form dough (to avoid tough dumplings).  Roll out thin and cut into 3" x 1" strips.
     Bring broth to a rolling boil.. Gently drop in dumplings a few at a time to maintain a low boil.  Don't stir, but carefully  press dumplings down a few times to cook them evenly.  Keep checking dumplings until they are done.  This could be from 10-30 minutes depending on how tough your dumplings were to start with.  Add as much meat back in as you like.
Pictures are of Grandma giving Mark a dumpling-making lesson and then eating them with Valerie.  The date on the pictures is wrong because Val brought McKenna with them.

Mix the dough.

Roll it out thin.

Drop a few at a time.



  1. those pics r awesome. hope markie looks at them. jill

  2. Thanks for this project,You are doing a wonderful job...I Miss Grandma every single Day !!!! Mark